About STG

The Speech Technology Group (STG) is actively researching and developing speech recognition and synthesis systems. Our goal is to revolutionise the speech interface. We are working on: conveying rich expressive information in text-to-speech synthesis; making speech recognition that is robust to speaker, noise and task; and applying this to many languages and speakers.

CRL has made significant contributions to the next generation of Toshiba’s speech recognition and HMM-based speech synthesis. In addition to core underlying technology, the STG has developed speech technology for the major North American and European languages. We work in collaboration with the speech R&D groups at the Knowledge Media Lab,Toshiba RDC, Kawasaki, Japan and Toshiba China R&D Center, Beijing, China, and business divisions of Toshiba Group, Japan.

Working with groups within Toshiba, we have a tight coupling between our R&D efforts and current and future product development. This enables us to ensure that our research work will be of direct practical benefit. By collaborating and funding research at groups like the Machine Intelligence Laboratory (MIL) at Cambridge University we can address research topics for the future.