Factor T

Toshiba Group has introduced this Factor, an eco-efficiency indicator, which comprehensively assesses a product’s value and its environmental impacts. This is an indicator of the eco-efficiency of environmental impact reduction, where a product value is divided by the environmental impact made during its life cycle. The lower the environmental impact or the higher the product value, the greater the eco-efficiency.

The factor represents a degree of improvement of eco-efficiency of a product subject to assessment, relative to the eco-efficiency of the benchmark product. In Toshiba Group, products manufactured in FY2000 are used as the benchmark. The greater the eco-efficiency of the product subject to assessment, the higher the factor value. Although various calculation methods are available to determine the eco-efficiency and factor depending on the corporation, Toshiba Group is characterized by the following three types of integration:

Product value: Its integration is achieved with weight assigned to several functions through QFDNote1. Environmental impact: It is integrated as the amount of environmental damage through the use of LIMENote2. The eco-efficiency of the business process and a product’s eco efficiency are integrated.

Image of Factor T booklet Click here to download the "Advancing Together with Factor T 2009" leaflet (PDF:4.68MB)