Before you contact Toshiba

Toshiba offers a range of support resources, should you need assistant in determining or isolate a problem on your PC.

First Thing to do

Before you report a problem to Toshiba, it is best to know what the problem is or at least to have isolated the problem to a particular software or hardware area.

Some of the resources available to you are Documentation, PC Utilities and Diagnostic Tools and the Toshiba Web Support:


A variety of manuals, guidebooks and technical documentation are supplied with your notebook. Check these documents thoroughly should you encounter a problems with your PC.

The PC User Manual includes chapters:
  • The Grand Tour
    review of the PC features.
  • Getting Started
    a quick and easily start-up guide.
  • Operating Basics
    PC operation instructions.
  • Power and Power-Up Modes
    details on PC charging and changing batteries, tips for saving battery power, and power up modes.
  • HW Setup
    explains how to use the TOSHIBA HW Setup program, which lets you configure settings for General, Display, Boot Priority, Keyboard, CPU, LAN, Device Config. and USB.
  • Troubleshooting
    following the procedures in this chapter can help to determine the cause of problems. Knowing what might go wrong can help prevent problems from occurring.
Misplaced Manual
Should you have misplaced your PC's User Manual, you can obtain a copy from "Download User Manuals" Download Manuals

PC Utilities & Diagnostic tools

Beyond the Microsoft standard tools, Toshiba provides a comprehensive set of Software Utilities and Diagnostic Tools in order to help you Connect, Secure, Protect & Fix and Optimize your PC.
pc utilities & diagnostic tools
Beyond the PC operation instructions and troubleshooting information available in your User Manual, the Utilities and Diagnostics Tools on your computer, described here to the right, can assist with hardware configuration, troubleshooting and problem isolation. Please use these Utilities and Tools to get to know your PC, configure the PC's operation and should problems arise, to determine the cause.

Remember that a Microsoft System Restore or a Toshiba Product Recovery may save you time and frustration.
microsoft tools
Microsoft tools
  • Microsoft "Help and Support" Centre provide guided assistance to all Windows support themes i.e. Printing and faxing, Performance and maintenance, Hardware and Fixing a problem.
  • Computer Management console - provides "System Tools", "Storage" and "Service & Applications" views. On selecting the Device Manager, one can verify installed devices and load or update device drivers. With Disk Manager review disk settings and with Services review running applications.
  • System Information tool - provide Hardware Resource, Components, Software Environment, and Internet settings, as well as, further "Tools" for problem diagnostics.
  • System Restore tool - a method to undo harmful system changes made during installation of a hardware device or software application.
Toshiba Utilities and Diagnostic Tools
Toshiba Utilities and Diagnostic Tools
  • Toshiba Assistantutility
    • "Connect" utilities deliver Wireless Network and Bluetooth setup and diagnostics,
    • "Secure" option allows you to set passwords and configure your Antivirus,
    • "Protect & Fix" offers Toshiba's PC Diagnostics with hardware testing, as well as, the Toshiba PC drivers and software,
    • "Optimize" delivers all the utilities to make and adjust setting for the PC's special hardware components i.e. Power Management,
    • "Expand" connects you to Toshiba's extensive internet offering of Service & Option for your PC.
  • Toshiba Product Recovery CD/DVD-ROM - should your operation system become unmanageable or continuously hang or crash, Toshiba provides your with a Product Recovery CD/DVD-ROM to restore your PC to its original factory configuration.

Third party Software application support

Support for third party software, which you have installed is provided only by the software vendor. They will be able to advise you on software suitable for your notebook and about software support available from the software manufacturers.

Multi-vendor support

If you have bought various hardware and software components from different vendors, your Toshiba Authorised Reseller or Toshiba Authorised Service Provider will be able to advise you on the variety of comprehensive multi-vendor support packages available.
Toshiba Web Support

Toshiba Web Support

This official website for Toshiba PC products allows you to view "Products & Technology", "Troubleshooting" Knowledge Bases or to "Download" up-to-date software patches and drivers. Specific areas of support:
Specific areas of support:
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