They feel at home on the internet.
Help them feel safe
there too.

What's happening in the fairy castle now, Darling?

Shhh... Mum, be quiet, the princess is sleeping!


Let them meet family and
friends. Not foes.

Help prevent cyberbullying
in your child's life.

Did you see Peter's comment on my new profile picture?

Yes, he's so cool!

Social Networking


Hanging out on the internet
all day?

Kids hanging out on the internet all day?
Manage your children's screen time
to ensure balanced online and family time.

Sorry guys, I have to go offline for today. See you later at training.

Time Limits


The whole world at their fingertips.
Their safety in your hands.

They won't see stuff you don't
approve of. Block up to 35 categories
of inappropriate content.

Eek! I've got homework on spiders.

I bet I can find the most scary tarantula picture.

Web Blocking


Innocence is something that
shouldn't get lost on
the internet.

Fun videos don't have to be
violent. That's why you
can ban those that are.

Wow, he’s a fabulous dancer!

Just look at those moves.

Ha! ... I dance better than that ...

Youtube Filtering


Created to protect what you
love: your family.

Perfect for children of all ages.
McAfee Family Protection gives parents
peace of mind whilst their children
explore the internet.
Easy to set up - start protecting
your children now!

Logo McAfee

Family Protection

The easiest, most complete way to keep your children safe online.

McAfee Family Protection works complementary to any security software.

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free trial now. And save
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Instant Alerts

Via emails/texts, when children attempt to access certain content or post private information.


Time Limits

Manage screen time of your children.


Web Blocking

Block up to 35 categories of inappropriate content - including YouTube.


Social Networking

Prevent private information being posted online and monitor postings.


Email Blocking

Stop strangers from being able to communicate with your children.


Instant Messaging

Monitor chats and detect use of improper dialogue or being threatened by strangers.


Program Blocking

Block inappropriate applications and peer-to-peer file sharing programs.


Usage Reporting

A complete view of all online activities to be able to teach appropriate online behaviour.