Embedded Signage
Embedded Signage

What is Embedded Signage?

We've increased your options by offering embedded signage models, allowing software partners to port their own solutions directly on Toshiba displays. The embedded software solutions run using the internal SoC (System on Chip) directly within the displays themselves, linking central software systems without the need for external media devices
or additional cabling.


Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
Flexible content management
Simplifies installation process
Cleaner display appearance

Embedded Signage Overview

  • Standalone solution
  • No Toshiba license fees
  • Single HW vendor
  • Embedded solution available across Toshiba display range
  • Safety approvals and environmental certification from single vendor
  • Simple connection requirement (1 AC power and 1 network connection)
  • Single unit installation and service requirement
  • Software solution able to access all display control resources (not possible with external media players)
  • EU based local software engineering support
  • Working in partnership with dedicated Embedded Signage software partners
Easy Setup & Activation
External devices are no longer needed to deliver content and partners software can be directly integrated within Toshiba Business Displays. Setup is now quicker and simpler with only the display and a network connection required. There is no longer a need to hide unsightly cabling or position additional set top boxes.
Broad Range of Functionality
When using Embedded signage a range of
functions are available to the solution provider
& end user. Examples are creation of content loops, management of content schedules, animations, scrolling text patterns and the downloading of content resources directly to the internal USB memory for local playback.
External Control
Through the use of Embedded Signage manage your content from local and external networks allowing you to manage content on the move.
Recommended Software Partners
We are working in partnership with many dedicated Embedded Signage partners across Europe, which come highly recommended by Toshiba, see below.

Recommended Software Partners

Click Here to download Toshiba Embedded Signage API modules

16/7 Model
TD-E3E Series

  • Embedded Signage model
  • Full HD (65"=UHD)
  • Landscape/Portrait Orientation
  • Brightness: 400Nit

24/7 Model
TD-P3E Series

  • Embedded Signage model
  • Full HD (75" & 86" = UHD)
  • Landscape/Portrait Orientation
  • Brightness: 400Nit (600Nit 75" 500Nit 86")

High Brightness
TD-Q3E Series

  • Embedded Signage model
  • Full HD
  • Landscape/Portrait Orientation
  • Brightness: 700Nit

Video Walls
TD-Y3 Series

  • Embedded Signage model
  • Full HD
  • Landscape/Portrait Orientation
  • Brightness: 450Nit 49" & 500Nit 55"