Our Vision

As a corporate citizen of planet Earth, the question about the impacts of today's actions on the Earth as well as the role we should play in society and for the Earth is one which Toshiba Group never ceases to ask. As solutions for various environmental issues are called for, Toshiba Group has developed Environmental Vision 2050 to help ensure that these environmental issues are solved so that all people can lead affluent lifestyles in harmony with the Earth and thus contribute to society through the creation of new value.

Environmental Vision 2050

Throughout the life cycle of products from manufacture and use to reuse and recycling, Toshiba Group will strive to provide safer and more comfortable lifestyles and create enriched value for customers. The Group will also strive for harmony with the Earth by working to mitigate climate change, using resources efficiently, and managing chemicals -- the three pillars of its environmental management system.

Performance Indicators for Our Vision
Toshiba Group has introduced an eco-efficiency indicator, which comprehensively assesses a product’s value and its environmental impacts. This is an indicator of the eco-efficiency of environmental impact reduction, where a product value is divided by the environmental impact made during its life cycle. The lower the environmental impact or the higher the product value, the greater the eco-efficiency.

To determine the Factor, several factors are taken into the equation, including estimated GDP growth rate, increase of eco-efficiency based on population growth, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Based on these, the required degree of improvement in eco-efficiency (Factor) in the world in 2050 is 10. As an evaluation indicator, Toshiba Group Environmental Vision 2050 sets the goal of achieving Factor 10 by 2050.

Globally we have many activities and innovations to contribute towards this target and a better overall environment under our business such as CO2 reduction, water saving and re-forestation.

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Toshiba Eco Style

In order to evolve into one of the world’s foremost eco-companies, Toshiba Group has been accelerating its environmental management under the global brand “Toshiba eco style.” The eco style logo symbolizes innovative ideas and imagination and incorporates four green initiatives: Greening of Process, Greening of Products, Greening of Technology, and Green Management.

Greening of Process, Greening of Products and Greening by Technology

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Dynabook Inc. (The former company name is Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd.) and its subsidiaries were deconsolidated from Toshiba Group on October 1, 2018.

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