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Detach from working limitations
Attach to 17 hours of battery life

The Portégé Z20t-B:
The laptop you need. The tablet you deserve.

For full productivity, you need the freedom to work in any location, without constraints. That’s why the ultra-mobile, 31.75 cm (12.5") Portégé Z20t-B adapts to you – transforming from a fully-functional laptop into an intuitive tablet in just one click – so you have the
device for every business moment. With five display modes and a range of connectivity options, you can switch between content creation and presentation with ease, and break free from ordinary working limitations.

The faster the better. It’s time for a new PC with Intel Inside® and Windows® 10!

Attach to 17 hours of battery life

The Portégé Z20t-B holds 17 hours of battery life, so you can stay productive wherever you are, without needing to stop and plug in for two full working days. With nine hours* battery life in tablet mode, and an additional eight hour* battery in the keyboard, the Portégé Z20t-B will keep going just as long as you do – whether you’re on a long haul flight, or simply too pressed for time to charge between meetings.

  • Battery discharge order
  • Battery charge order
  • Tablet battery can be charged
    without keyboard
  • Keyboard battery can be
    charged without tablet

Attach to full business performance

Powered by the new Intel® Core™ M processor, which was specifically engineered for super-slim devices, the Portégé Z20t-B delivers outstanding business performance in an ultra-mobile form. Its fanless design ensures lower levels of processing sound for less distraction, while the combination of the 512 GB SSD and Windows 8.1 Pro operating system make for a supremely responsive performance – leaving you to power through tasks every working day.

Attach to complete flexibility

    • Laptop mode
    • Presentation mode
    • Tablet mode
    • Tablet+ mode
    • Laptop mode

      With its full-sized backlit keyboard, large touchpad, Accupoint and high-clarity display, the Portégé Z20t-B’s laptop mode ensures full productivity – so you can write and edit reports, design presentations, and respond to emails quickly and easily.

      • Full-sized illuminated and spill resistant keyboard
      • Full-sized ports and connectivity options
      • Up to 17 hours* battery life - Nine hours battery life in tablet mode, eight hour battery in the keyboard
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    • Presentation mode

      Combining stunning clarity, intuitive touchscreen capability, and a full range of connectivity options, the Portégé Z20t-B allows you to access all your essential content with ease – then play presentations directly on the Full HD IPS display, or connect it to a big screen TV for larger groups.

      • Intuitive 10-point touchscreen
      • Wired and wireless connectivity options
      • Easy to view non-reflective Full HD display
      • Transforms in one click
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    • Tablet mode

      In tablet mode, the Portégé Z20t-B’s 10-point touch-enabled display lets you swipe, tap and navigate in the most intuitive way – so you can browse and review content at will, in any setting. What’s more, the optional Wacom digitizer pen allows you to use handwriting to create editable digital text; the perfect feature for jotting down thoughts during meetings.

      • Super thin, 8.8 mm design with up to 9 hours* of battery life
      • View content anywhere
      • One hand release for easy access on the go
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    • Tablet+ mode

      Offering all the benefits of tablet mode, but with the full 17 hour battery life of laptop mode, Tablet+ mode is ideal for browsing and reviewing content on long journeys.

      • Up to 17 hours* battery life
      • Optional Wacom digitizer pen for handwritten notes
      • Full range of connectivity options
      More info

Attach to all your
essential content

With a full range of full-size ports, the Portégé Z20t-B gives you access to all your essential content, dongle-free – so wherever you are, and whatever connectivity options you have, nothing gets in the way of full business efficiency.

Tablet connectivity:

  • Micro SD slot
  • Micro HDMI port
  • Micro USB port
  • 3G and 4G internet

Keyboard connectivity:

  • RGB slot
  • HDMI port
  • 2x USB 3.0
  • Gigabit LAN

Attach to comprehensive security

When you’re working dynamically, your device – and your data – could be at risk of drops, spills and even theft.
That’s why the Portégé Z20t-B comes complete with five security features to keep your business-critical data safe.

  • Kensington lock slot
    Designed to prevent opportunistic theft, the Kensington lock secures the Portégé Z20t-B keyboard and tablet to your desk.
  • Spill tested
    The Portégé Z20t-B can withstand a 30ml spill for three minutes – allowing you to save business-critical data before shutdown.
  • Drop tested
    Capable of withstanding drops from as high as 76 cm (30"), so even in the event of an accident, you’ll retain all your work.
  • Trusted Platform Module
    TPM is an encryption chip within the Portégé Z20t-B which safeguards local storage data, so even in the event of theft, your information is protected.
  • Active Management Technology
    Intel®’s Active Management Technology allows your IT department to monitor, maintain, repair and update machines remotely – ensuring that your Portégé Z20t-B stays secure and efficient.

Attach to complete confidence

The Portégé Z20t-B has been engineered to suit every business situation – which is why we’re so confident that it will enhance business productivity, and help you break free from ordinary working constraints. We want you to share our confidence, so we offer a variety of ways to ensure you’re completely happy with your purchase – including try before you buy promotions and reliability guarantees. Contact your local reseller to discover the purchase options available in your area.

Where to buy

We have absolute confidence in our laptops. And when you buy one, we want you to be confident too – which is why we offer a choice of schemes to ensure absolute satisfaction. Either buy it and try it with a money-back guarantee for 30 days, or try it for 30 days before deciding to buy it. Both schemes also come with our reliability guarantee – in the unlikely event of a failure, we promise to repair your machine for free, and give you your money back**.

Choice of schemes vary by region and device.