Important information

This notebook does not contain, and is not equipped with, an Operating System, either pre-installed or other. Also no recovery media is included. The installation of an Operating System is necessary for the use of this notebook.

Further, please note that necessary drivers are not included and need to be downloaded from the Toshiba website. For some Operating Systems no drivers may be available.

Depending on your choice of the Operating System only limited feature functionality will be available. As certain Operating Systems subsequently installed on the notebook may not provide full feature functionality, Toshiba hereby disclaims all potential liability for any such reduced functionality as well as for any errors occuring through installation of the Operating System as such.

Furthermore, Toshiba hereby states that it is not responsible for the results of use of any non-licensed software on this notebook, including without limitation, any infringement of third party rights.

Toshiba does not provide installation support and recommends pre-installed Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition.

Microsoft and Windows Vista are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.