Obtaining Warranty Service

Steps to follow before submitting a claim to Toshiba

Step 1 - Self Diagnose

  • Check if your notebook is charged / connected to mains and switched on correctly.
  • Reset the PC to its original configuration by removing options and external connections. Recently installed software programs may have caused problems. Please move these. Unplug any remote storage devices or other peripherals and remove any floppy disks, CD-ROMs, power cords etc.
  • You can find important tips on how to operate your product, troubleshooting and software updates on this support sites under "Support & Downloads". For further details refer to the information supplied with your Toshiba product

Step 2 - Contact Toshiba

  • Note down the information below before you contact Toshiba:
    • product name and model number
    • serial number
    • hardware and software configuration
    • the nature of the problem
    • all error messages and other messages that might appear on the screen
    • you may be required to send in a proof of purchase such as a copy of the original sales receipt with the reseller’s stamp, date of purchase, and serial number of the notebook.
  • Contact the Toshiba Support Centre by referring to the information provided in the list at the end of your Product User Guide.

Step 3 - Warranty Service

  • Should the support centre isolate hardware malfunctions on your system, you will be provided with an identification number and service instructions by the most convenient means (fax, e-mail, voice).
  • In case of Carry-in warranty service all the items identified by the Support Centre need to be shipped in suitable packaging to the service centre accordingly. Take, or send the notebook to your Toshiba Authorised Reseller or Toshiba Authorised Service Provider, and arrange for its collection or delivery on completion of repair. Please include the battery, power cord and adapter with your notebook when returning it to your Reseller. If you decide to ship the notebook by courier please make sure it is adequately packaged and comprehensively insured for both the delivery and collection of the notebook as neither Toshiba, nor the company offering the service on our behalf, have any liability for damage in transit.
  • If you are entitled for Pick-up and Return service, the Toshiba Support Centre will arrange that your notebook will be collected from you at an agreed time and place. Following repair, your notebook will be returned to you at the earliest opportunity.
Technical Support
Toshiba provides technical support, a frequently asked questions , a knowledge base section and updated software through this web sites under "Support & Downloads" and at other local country web sites. Further, you can subscribe to receive newsletters for information on products and technical support.

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Additional Services
Please note that there are additional services such as warranty extensions and uplifts, insurance services, etc. available from Toshiba. For further information on the Toshiba range of services contact your nearest Toshiba Authorised Reseller or visit our Toshiba web site.

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Toshiba Services