Toshiba news and events

The world of information technology is changing fast, but at Toshiba we're always a step ahead. This is where you can find out about the latest IT developments, technical innovations, product introductions, market growth, or company developments.

Publication date
20/12/2001 Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation announces alliance with KONE Corporation of Finland
18/12/2001 Toshiba Corporation and Micron Technology, Inc. issue joint statement
12/11/2001 Toshiba to launch combination drive integrating CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM and super-slim CD-R/RW
12/11/2001 Toshiba and SanDisk introduce a one gigabit NAND flash memory card
09/11/2001 Toshiba brings enhanced wireless solution to office LAN environment
26/10/2001 Trions: The largest conducting particles ever found in semiconductor
18/10/2001 Toshiba’s DNA chip indicates individual patient therapy for hepatitis C
17/10/2001 Toshiba offers two research placement opportunities in Japan
16/03/2001 Toshiba launches a low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD with high-accuracy DA converter and amplifier integrated
16/03/2001 Toshiba reorganises video recording equipment business
16/03/2001 Toshiba uses BluetoothTM to link PC and projector
16/03/2001 Toshiba launches high resolution, full-color 20.8-inch LCD on world market
12/03/2001 Toshiba and Sony form technical alliance
05/03/2001 Toshiba to commercialise Bluetooth™ Baseband LSI
06/02/2001 Toshiba 'Flexibility Manifesto' - Guidelines for businesses in the wireless world
01/02/2001 Funai and Toshiba announce joint venture
31/01/2001 Toshiba announces world's first one-channel interface driver
26/01/2001 Toshiba introduces world's highest capacity built-in 1.8-inch HDDs