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The world of information technology is changing fast, but at Toshiba we're always a step ahead. This is where you can find out about the latest IT developments, technical innovations, product introductions, market growth, or company developments.

Publication date
25/12/2003 Toshiba first to commercialise 512-megabit XDR™ DRAM
18/12/2003 "Broadband for all" - Business & technology monthly - Issue 8 / December 2003
17/12/2003 Toshiba's new company in China will coordinate operations of semiconductor subsidiaries in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan
12/12/2003 Toshiba's new technology brings privacy to public viewing of LCDs and gives users full control over angle of view
11/12/2003 DENSO and TOSHIBA jointly develop world's first multi OS environment for car navigation systems
11/12/2003 "'Bring it on home' - the Toshiba hits of 2003" - Technology that matters - Issue 8 / December 2003
05/12/2003 Toshiba helps press and officials get connected at 2006 FIFA World Cup™ preliminary draw
04/12/2003 "2003: The year in review – mobility takes a step forward" - Mobility Solutions Monthly - Issue 8 / December 2003
03/12/2003 Toshiba and SanDisk to expand NAND Flash memory production
28/11/2003 "A turn in the right direction" - Business & technology monthly - Issue 7 / November 2003
25/11/2003 Toshiba raises semiconductor capital expenditure for FY2003 to expand memory production in Japan
18/11/2003 Toshiba introduces next generation tablet PC: The Portégé® M200
11/11/2003 Toshiba to double production of popular 1.8-inch HDD
30/10/2003 "Talking to your Pocket PC" - Business & technology monthly - Issue 6 / October 2003
23/10/2003 "What is the mobile digital experience?" - Technology that matters - Issue 6 / October 2003
23/10/2003 Toshiba Pocket PCs converge wireless connectivity with hands-free voice applications
13/10/2003 Toshiba's new multimedia-rich notebook first with 15.4" wide-screen display
13/10/2003 Toshiba launches all-in-one consumer notebook
13/10/2003 Toshiba's new Satellite M30 series brings Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology to retail market
11/10/2003 Toshiba's new digital convergence Satellite notebooks turn living room into entertainment centre
26/09/2003 Toshiba and Samsung Electronics to integrate optical disk device businesses
26/09/2003 Toshiba's active camera system tracks a high-speed object in ambient light conditions
18/09/2003 "Beyond the 'productivity paradox' ..." - Business & technology monthly - Issue 5 / September 2003
18/09/2003 Toshiba to pre-install Microsoft Office OneNote on all of its new portable PCs worldwide
16/09/2003 Toshiba announces major renovation of personal computer business
11/09/2003 "Home is where a wireless entertainment network is..." - Technology that matters - Issue 5 / September 2003
26/08/2003 Tecra M1 qualified as Bluetooth Designated Profile Interoperability Tester (DPIT)
14/08/2003 "Wi-Fi, fries and a Big Mac" - Technology that matters - Issue 4 / August 2003
30/07/2003 Toshiba announces consolidated results for the first quarter of fiscal year ending in March 2004
29/07/2003 M-Systems and Toshiba agree to an unprecedented level of strategic collaboration in flash memory-based data storage
25/07/2003 Toshiba obtains license from Honeywell for LCD driver patents
22/07/2003 Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba announce new company integrating industrial electric and automation systems businesses
19/07/2003 Toshiba's SD-card-based digital rights management system opens up full potential of digital content distribution market
18/07/2003 "Is there a business case for Bluetooth?" - Business & Technology Monthly - Issue 3 / July 2003
10/07/2003 Toshiba to establish new engineering company to further reinforce discrete semiconductor business
01/07/2003 Toshiba ushers in new era in mobile computing with wide-screen notebook: The Satellite® P20 series
17/06/2003 Toshiba develops the world's first embedded DRAM memory cell technology on silicon-on-insulator wafer
06/06/2003 European researchers lead the race to deliver unhackable communications
28/05/2003 Toshiba's new dual-layer, single-sided, blue-laser rewritable optical disk needs only current production facilities
21/05/2003 Toshiba announces Toshiba Hotspot Solution to offer low-cost wireless access to the public
08/05/2003 Toshiba launches Satellite® 5200 notebook series with graphics and display technologies that provide ultimate cinematic experience
26/04/2003 Toshiba redesigns smaller and energy saving Bluetooth™ SD™ Card
16/04/2003 Toshiba Corporation and ORIX Corporation establish business planning operation for power generation business
31/03/2003 Toshiba in 2003: The wireless revolution – enabling the mobile lifestyle
22/03/2003 Toshiba announces new high sensitivity biosensor with optical sensing technology
13/03/2003 Toshiba continues mobile multimedia momentum with new display technology and latest NVIDIA® GPU
12/03/2003 Enabling infinite mobility: Toshiba introduces high-performance wireless notebooks with Intel's new Centrino™ Mobile Technology
12/03/2003 Toshiba launches third-generation Magnia® "Z" series server
12/03/2003 CeBIT 2003: Toshiba and technology - Enabling the mobile lifestyle
12/03/2003 Toshiba launches powerful new Pocket PCs
04/02/2003 Toshiba and Secgo partnership delivers "out-of-box" mobility
04/02/2003 Portégé 4010 now qualified as Bluetooth Designated Profile Interoperability Tester (DPIT)
31/01/2003 Toshiba announces consolidated results for the third quarter ending in March 2003
28/01/2003 Toshiba and Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics to cooperate in the small-form-factor HDD business