Why take the risk?
Insure your laptop against the unexpected!

Insurances are important to secure your business from unexpected costs. Why not also take care of incidents that are not covered by your Standard Warranty but can lead to unplanned disruption to your business? Insure your assets against unintentional damages such as electrical surges, accidental breakage, drops or liquid spills and don’t worry about high repair costs or finding a replacement unit. We will repair accidental damages with no additional costs to you and ensure a quick return to productivity.

For even more protection choose our Accidental Damage & Theft Insurance and be protected even if your product was stolen.

Why purchase a Toshiba Insurance?

  • You can rest assured that your Toshiba product is covered in case of unintentional damages and (optional) theft, so there's no need to struggle with high repair costs or finding a replacement unit.
  • Knowing that your digital investment is protected in the best possible way, no excess insurance and no additional preventive measures are required.
  • With the collection, repair and return service, you will be back in business in the shortest possible time.

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