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We are committed to making our sites accessible. They are designed to adjust to screens of different sizes and permit zooming. In most cases content will look best when zoomed rather than altering only the text size.

Access Keys

The following access keys are available on our sites:

  • t – Top of page
  • s – Skip navigation (some browsers)
  • 1 – Home page
  • 3 – Site map
  • 7 – Privacy Policy
  • 8 – Terms and conditions
  • 9 – Contact us
  • 0 – Access key details

How to use access key in various browsers

Internet Explorer

[Alt] + access key (then [Enter] when a link)


[Alt] + access key (Windows & Linux)

[Control] [Alt] + access key (Mac)


[Alt] [Shift] + access key (Windows & Linux)

[Control] [Alt] + access key (Mac)


[Alt] + access key (Windows)

[Control] [Alt] + access key (Mac)


[Alt] + access key (Windows and Linux v15 or newer)

[Ctrl] + [Opt] + access key (Mac v15 or newer)

[Shift] [Esc] + access key (v12)

Details of our policies relating to accessibility are available in our Terms and Conditions.

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