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CVG Publications

A Differential Volumetric Approach to Multi-View Photometric Stereo
F. Logothetis, R. Mecca, R. Cipolla
ICCV, in print arXiv
Orientation-aware Semantic Segmentation on Icosahedron Spheres
C. Zhang, S. Liwicki, W. Smith, R. Cipolla
ICCV, in print arXiv
Fast-SCNN: Fast Semantic Segmentation Network
R. P. K. Poudel, S. Liwicki, R. Cipolla
BMVC, in print arXiv
Learning Monocular Visual Odometry with Dense 3D Mapping from Dense 3D Flow
C. Zhao, L. Sun, P. Purkait, T. Ducket and R. Stolkin
IROS, October 2018 arXiv
Descending, Lifting or Smoothing: Secrets of Robust Cost Optimization
C. Zach and G. Bourmaud
ECCV, September 2018 free
Robust Fitting of Subdivision Surfaces for Smooth Shape Analysis
V. Estellers, F. R. Schmidt and D. Cremers
3DV, September 2018
Weakly Supervised Learning of Indoor Geometry by Dual Warping
P. Purkait, U. Bonde and C. Zach
3DV, September 2018 arXiv
ContextNet: Exploring Context and Detail for Semantic Segmentation in Real-time
R. P. K. Poudel, U. Bonde, S. Liwicki and C. Zach
BMVC, September 2018 arXiv free
Synthetic View Generation for Absolute Pose Regression and Image Synthesis
P. Purkait, C. Zhao and C. Zach
BMVC, September 2018 free
Multiplicative vs. Additive Half-Quadratic Minimization for Robust Cost Optimization
C. Zach and G. Bourmaud
BMVC, September 2018 free
pOSE: Pseudo Object Space Error for Initialization-Free Bundle Adjustment
J. H. Hong and C. Zach
CVPR, June 2018 free
Generalized Fusion Moves for Continuous Label Optimization
C. Zach
CVIU, April 2018
Minimal Solvers for Monocular Rolling Shutter Compensation under Ackermann Motion
P. Purkait and C. Zach
WACV, March 2018 arXiv
Limited-Memory Belief Propagation via Nested Optimization
C. Zach
EMMCVPR, October 2017
Discretized Convex Relaxations for the Piecewise Smooth Mumford-Shah Model
C. Zach and C. Häne
EMMCVPR, October 2017
Maximum Consensus Parameter Estimation by Reweighted ℓ1 Methods
P. Purkait, C. Zach and A. Eriksson
EMMCVPR, October 2017 arXiv
Rolling Shutter Correction in Manhattan World
P. Purkait, C. Zach and A. Leonardis
ICCV, October 2017 free
Scale Exploiting Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose with Calibrated Cameras
S. Liwicki and C. Zach
BMVC, September 2017 free
Iterated Lifting for Robust Cost Optimization
C. Zach and G. Bourmaud
BMVC, September 2017 free
Revisiting the Variable Projection Method for Separable Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
J. H. Hong, C. Zach and A. Fitzgibbon
CVPR, July 2017 free
Generalized Fusion Moves for Continuous Label Optimization [best paper]
C. Zach
ACCV, November 2016
Online Variational Bayesian Motion Averaging
G. Bourmaud
ECCV, October 2016
Projective Bundle Adjustment from Arbitrary Initialization using the Variable Projection Method
J. H. Hong, C. Zach, A. Fitzgibbon and R. Cipolla
ECCV, October 2016
Coarse-to-Fine Planar Regularization for Dense Monocular Estimation
S. Liwicki, C. Zach, O. Miksik and P. H. S. Torr
ECCV, October 2016
Dense Semantic 3D Reconstruction
C. Häne, C. Zach, A. Cohen and M. Pollefeys
PAMI, September 2016
How Many Bits Do I Need for Matching Local Binary Descriptors?
P. F. Alcantarilla and B. Stenger
ICRA, 2016
Street-View Change Detection with Deconvolutional Networks
P. F. Alcantarilla, S. Stent, G. Ros, R. Arroyo and R. Gherardi
RSS, 2016
Expressive Visual Text-to-Speech as an Assistive Technology for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions
S. A. Cassidy, B. Stenger, L. Van Dongen, K. Yanagisawa, R. Anderson, V. Wan, S. BaronCohen and R. Cipolla
CVIU, 2016 free
The Likelihood-Ratio Test and Efficient Robust Estimation
A. Cohen and C. Zach
ICCV, December 2015 free
Detecting Change for Multi-View, Long Term Surface Inspection
S. Stent, R. Gherardi, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
BMVC, September 2015 free
Hierarchical Structure-and-Motion Recovery from Uncalibrated Images
R. Toldo, R. Gherardi, M. Farenzena and A. Fusiello
CVIU, June 2015 arXiv
A Dynamic Programming Approach for Fast and Robust Object Pose Recognition from Range Images
C. Zach, A. Penate-Sancehez and M.-T. Pham
CVPR, June 2015 free
Towards Life-Long Visual Localization Using an Efficient Matching of Binary Sequences from Images
R. Arroyo, P. F. Alcantarilla, L. M. Bergasa and E. Romera
ICRA, May 2015
Distances and Means of Direct Similarities
M.-T. Pham, O. J. Woodford, F. Perbet, A. Maki, R. Gherardi, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
IJCV, May 2015
Reconstructing Fukushima: A Case Study
A. Seki, S. Ito, O. J. Woodford, B. Stenger, M. Hatakeyama and J. Shimamura
3DV, December 2014
Variational Regularization and Fusion of Surface Normal Maps
B. Zeisl, C. Zach and M. Pollefeys
3DV, December 2014
Using Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Trees to Build Dense Active Appearance Models
R. Anderson, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
IJCV, October 2014
Fast and Effective Visual Place Recognition using Binary Codes and Disparity Information
R. Arrayo, P. F. Alcantarilla, L. M. Bergasa, J. J. Yebes and S. Bronte
IROS, September 2014
Mining Structure Fragments for Smart Bundle Adjustment
L. Carlone, P. F. Alcantarilla, H.-P. Chiu, Z. Hira and F. Dellaert
BMVC, September 2014 free
Robust Bundle Adjustment Revisited
C. Zach
ECCV, September 2014
Bidirectional Loop Closure Detection on Panoramas for Visual Navigation
R. Arroyo, P. F. Alcantarilla, L. M. Bergasa, J. J. Yebes and S. Gámez
IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, June 2014
Full-Angle Quarternions for Matching Arrays of 3D Rotations
S. Liwicki, M.-T. Pham, S. Zefeirou, M. Pantic and B. Stenger
CVPR, June 2014 free
Bi-label Propagation for Generic Multiple Object Tracking
W. Luo, T.-K. Kim, B. Stenger, X. Zhao and R. Cipolla
CVPR, June 2014 free
Human Body Shape Estimation using a Multi-Resolution Manifold Forest
F. Perbet, S. Johnson, M.-T. Pham and B. Stenger
CVPR, June 2014 free
Demisting the Hough Transform for 3D Shape Recognition and Registration
O. J. Woodford, M.-T. Pham, A. Maki, F. Perbet and B. Stenger
IJCV, February 2014
Detecting Bipedal Motion from Correlated Probabilistic Trajectories
A. Maki, F. Perbet, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
Pattern Recognition Letters, November 2013
Photo-Realistic Expressive Text to Talking Head Synthesis
V. Wan, R. Anderson, A. Blokland, N. Braunschweiler, L. Chen, B. Kolluru, J. Latorre, R. Maia, B. Stenger, K. Yanagisawa, Y. Stylianou, M. Akamine, M. Gales and R. Cipolla
Interspeech, August 2013 free
An Expressive Text-Driven 3D Talking Head
R. Anderson, B. Stenger, V. Wan and R. Cipolla
SIGGRAPH, July 2013
Expressive Visual Text-To-Speech Using Active Appearance Models
R. Anderson, B. Stenger, V. Wan and R. Cipolla
CVPR, June 2013 free
Lip Tracking for 3D Face Registration
R. Anderson, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
MVA, May 2013 free
An Image-Based System for Change Detection on Tunnel Linings [best paper]
S. Stent, R. Gherardi, B. Stenger, K. Soga and R. Cipolla
MVA, May 2013 free
Fully Automatic Registration of Image Sets on Approximate Geometry
M. Corsini, M. Dellepiane, F. Ganovelli, R. Gherardi, A. Fusiello and R. Scopigno
IJCV, March 2013
Towards a Simulation Driven Stereo Vision System
M. Peris, S. Martull, A. Maki, Y. Ohkawa and K. Fukui
ICPR, November 2012
Conditional Variance of Differences: A Robust Similarity Measure for Matching and Registration
A. Maki and R. Gherardi
SSPR/SPR, November 2012
A Generative Model for Online Depth Fusion
O. J. Woodford and G. Vogiateis
ECCV, October 2012
Contraction Moves for Geometric Model Fitting
O. J. Woodford , M.-T. Pham, A. Maki, R. Gherardi, F. Perbet and B. Stenger
ECCV, October 2012
Dense Active Appearance Models Using a Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree
R. Anderson, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
BMVC, September free
Homogeneous Superpixels from Markov Random Walks
F. Perbet, B. Stenger and A. Maki
Information and Systems, July 2012 free
Scale-Invariant Vote-Based 3D Recognition and Registration from Point Clouds
M.-T. Pham, O. J. Woodford, F. Perbet, A. Maki, R. Gherardi, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
Machine Learning for Computer Vision, June 2012
Color Photometric Stereo for Multicolored Surfaces
R. Anderson, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
ICCV, November 2011
Live 3D Shape Reconstruction, Recognition and Registration
C. Hernández, F. Perbet, M.-T. Pham, G. Vogiatzis, O. J. Woodford, A. Maki, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
Workshops at ICCV, November 2011
A New Distance for Scale-Invariant 3D Shape Recognition and Registration
M.-T. Pham, O. J. Woodford, F. Perbet, A. Maki, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
ICCV, November 2011
Video Normals from Colored Lights
G. J. Brostow, C. Hernández, G. Vogiatzis, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
PAMI, October 2011
Co-occurrence Flow for Pedestrian Detection
A. Maki, A. Seki, T. Watanabe and R. Cipolla
ICIP, September 2011
Switchable Primaries Using Shiftable Layers of Colour Filter Arrays
B. Sajadi, A. Majumder, K. Hiwada, A. Maki and R. Raskar
SIGGRAPH, August 2011
Demisting the Hough Transform for 3D Shape Recognition and Registration
O. J. Woodford, M.-T. Pham, A. Maki, F. Perbet and B. Stenger
BMVC, August 2011 free
Augmentation Depth Camera Output using Photometric Stereo
R. Anderson, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
MVA, June 2011 free
Homogeneous Superpixels from Random Walks [best paper]
F. Perbet and A. Maki
MVA, June 2011 free
An Evaluation of Volumetric Interest Points
T.-H. Yu, O. J. Woodford and R. Cipolla
3DIMPVT, May 2011
Overcoming Shadows in 3-Source Photometric Stereo
C. Hernández, G. Vogiatzis and R. Cipolla
PAMI, February 2011
Online Multiple Classifier Boosting for Object Tracking
T.-K. Kim, T. Woodley, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
OLVC Workshop at CVPR, June 2010
Shape from Photographs: A Multi-view Stereo Pipeline
C. Hernández and G. Vogiatzis
Computer Vision, March 2010
A Vision-Based Remote Control
B. Stenger, T. Woodley and R. Cipolla
Computer Vision, March 2010
Practical 3D Reconstruction based on Photometric Stereo
G. Vogiatzis and C. Hernández
Computer Vision, March 2010
Automatic 3D Object Segmentation in Multiple Views Using Volumetric Graph-Cuts
N. D. F. Campbell, G. Vogiatzis, C. Hernández and R. Cipolla
Image and Vision Computing, January 2010
Correlated Probabilistic Trajectories for Pedestrian Motion Detection
F. Perbet, A. Maki and B. Stenger
ICCV, September 2009
Obtaining the Shape of a Moving Object with a Specular Surface
A. Maki and R. Cipolla
BMVC, September 2009 free
Random Forest Clustering and Application to Video Segmentation
F. Perbet, A. Maki and B. Stenger
BMVC, September 2009 free
A Vision-Based System for Display Interaction
B. Stenger, T. Woodley, T.-K. Kim and R. Cipolla
HCI, September 2009
Learning to Track with Multiple Observers
B. Stenger, T. Woodley and R. Cipolla
CVPR, June 2009
Using Multiple Hypotheses to Improve Depth-Maps for Multi-View Stereo
N. D. F. Campbell, G. Vogiatzis, C. Hernández and R. Cipolla
ECCV, October 2008
Shadows in Three-Source Photometric Stereo
C. Hernández, G. Vogiatzis and R. Cipolla
ECCV, October 2008
AIDIA - Adaptive Interface for Display Interaction
B. Stenger, T. Woodley, T.-K. Kim, C. Hernández and R. Cipolla
BMVC, September 2008 free
Discriminative Feature Co-Occurrence Selection for Object Detection
T. Mita, T. Kaneko, B. Stenger and O. Hori
PAMI, July 2008
A Single Camera Motion Capture System for Human-Computer Interaction
R. Okada and B. Stenger
Information and Systems, July 2008
Pose Estimation and Tracking using Multivariate Regression
A. Thayananthan, R. Navaratnam, B. Stenger, P. H. S. Torr and R. Cipolla
Pattern Recognition Letters, July 2008
Multi-view Photometric Stero
C. Hernádez, G. Vogiatzis and R. Cipolla
PAMI, March 2008
Multiview Stereo via Volumetric Graph-Cuts and Occlusion Robust Photo-Consistency
G. Vogiatzis, C. Hernández, R. Cipolla, P. H. S. Torr and R. Chipolla
PAMI, December 2007
Non-rigid Photometric Stereo with Colored Lights
C. Hernández, G. Vogiatzis, G. J. Brostow, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
ICCV, October 2007
Automatic 3D Object Segmentation in Multiple Views using Volumetric Graph-Cuts
N. D. F. Campbell, G. Vogiatzis, C. Hernández and R. Cipolla
BMVC, September 2007 free
Tracking using Online Feature Selection and a Local Generative Model
T. Woodley, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
BMVC, September 2007 free
Probabilistic Visibility for Multi-View Stereo
C. Hernández, G. Vogiatzis and R. Cipolla
CVPR, June 2007
Incremental Linear Discriminant Analysis Using Sufficient Spanning Set Approximations
T.-K. Kim, S.-F. Wong, B. Stenger, J. Kittler and R. Cipolla
CVPR, June 2007
A Real-Time Hand Gesture Interface Implemented on a Multi-Core Processor
T. Ike, N. Kishikawa and B. Stenger
MVA, May 2007 free
A Video Motion Capture System for Interactive Games
R. Okada, N. Kondoh and B. Stenger
MVA, May 2007 free
Silhouette Coherence for Camera Calibration under Circular Motion
C. Hernández, F. Schmitt and R. Cipolla
PAMI, February 2007
Model-Based Hand Tracking Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Filter
B. Stenger, A. Thayananthan, P. H. S. Torr and R. Cipolla
PAMI, September 2006
Lighting-up Geometry: Accurate 3D Modelling of Museum Artefacts with a Torch and a Camera
G. Vogiatzis, C. Hernández and R. Cipolla
Eurographics, September 2006
Reconstruction in the Round Using Photometric Normals and Silhouettes
G. Vogiatzis, C. Hernández and R. Cipolla
CVPR, June 2006
Multivariate Relevance Vector Machines for Tracking
A. Tayananthan, R. Navaratnam, B. Stenger, P. H. S. Torr and R. Cipolla
ECCV, May 2006

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