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CVG Publications

pOSE: Pseudo Object Space Error for Initialization-Free Bundle Adjustment
J. Hong and C. Zach
CVPR, June 2018
Minimal Solvers for Monocular Rolling Shutter Compensation under Ackermann Motion
P. Purkait and C. Zach
WACV, March 2018
Limited-Memory Belief Propagation via Nested Optimization
C. Zach
EMMCVPR, October 2017
Descretized Convex Relaxations for the Piecewise Smooth Mumford-Shah Model
C. Zach and C. Häne
EMMCVPR, October 2017
Maximum Consensus Parameter Estimation by Reweighted ℓ1 Methods
P. Purkait, C. Zach and A. Eriksson
EMMCVPR, October 2017
Rolling Shutter Correction in Manhattan World
P. Purkait, C. Zach and A. Leonardis
ICCV, October 2017
Iterated Lifting for Robust Cost Optimization
C. Zach and G. Bourmaud
BMVC, September 2017
Scale Exploiting Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose with Calibrated Cameras
S. Liwicki and C. Zach
BMVC, September 2017
Revisiting the Variable Projection Method for Separable Nonlinear Least Squares Problems
J. Hong, C. Zach and A. Fitzgibbon
CVPR, July 2017
Generalized Fusion Moves for Continuous Label Optimization [best paper]
C. Zach
ACCV, November 2016
Coarse-to-Fine Planar Regularization for Dense Monocular Estimation
S. Liwicki, C. Zach, O. Miksik and P. Torr
ECCV, October 2016
Online Variational Bayesian Motion Averaging
G. Bourmaud
ECCV, October 2016
Projective Bundle Adjustment from Arbitrary Initialization using the Variable Projection Method
J.H. Hong, C. Zach, A. Fitzgibbon and R. Cipolla
ECCV, October 2016
Dense Semantic 3D Reconstruction
C. Haene, C. Zach, A. Cohen and M. Pollefeys
IEEE T. PAMI, September 2016
Expressive Visual Text-to-Speech as an Assistive Technology for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions
S. Cassidy, B. Stenger, L. Van Dongen, K. Yanagisawa, R. Anderson, V. Wan, S. BaronCohen and R. Cipolla
CVIU, 2016
How Many Bits Do I Need for Solving Pairwise Tests-based Binary Descriptors Matching Problems
P. Alcantarilla and B. Stenger
ICRA, 2016
Street-View Change Detection with Deconvolutional Networks
P. Alcantarilla, S. Stent, G. Ros, R. Arroyo and R. Gherardi
RSS, 2016
The Likelihood-Ratio Test and Efficient Robust Estimation
A. Cohen and C. Zach
ICCV, December 2015
Detecting Change for Multi-View, Long Term Surface Inspection
S. Stent, R. Gherardi, B. Stenger and R. Cipolla
BMVC, September 2015
A Message-Passing Approach for Fast Object and Pose Recognition from Range Images
C. Zach, A. Penate Sancehez and M.T. Pham
CVPR, June 2015
Hierarchical Structure-and-Motion Recovery from Uncalibrated Images
R. Toldo, R. Gherardi, M. Farenzena and A. Fusiello
CVIU, June 2015
Towards Life-Long Visual Localization Using an Efficient Matching of Binary Sequences from Images
R. Arroyo, P. F. Alcantarilla, L. M. Bergasa and E. Romera
ICRA, May 2015

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