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About QIG

Toshiba is developing a new approach to information technology that applies the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics to network communications and computing.

Quantum Information Technology concerns the transport and processing of information using individual particles such as electrons or photons. Using single particles in this way brings unexpected advantages. By sending information encoded upon single photons (the particles of light) it is possible to test the secrecy of each communication.

Toshiba has exploited this phenomenon to create a practical system for secure communication over fibre optical cables. However, Quantum Cryptography, as this secure communication method is known, is just the first in a series of quantum innovations which promises to revolutionise the entire IT industry over the next two decades.

Toshiba are at the forefront of quantum information R&D and have developed the world's leading system for quantum cryptography. We welcome enquiries from potential users of this system or from companies or organisations interested in a commercial partnership to further develop the technology and its applications.

Toshiba Europe Limited is part of Toshiba’s global R&D activity. The Cambridge Research Laboratory of TEUR conducts research on quantum information technology, as well as speech recognition and dialogue.

The Quantum Information Group (QIG), led by Dr Andrew Shields, is actively researching the application of Quantum Physics to Information Technologies. Our interest lies not only in exploring new concepts, but also in their practical realization.

Recently we have developed the leading system for Quantum Cryptography, a very secure form of optical communications. In parallel we create the advanced nanotechnology required in future quantum information systems.

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