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About STG

Toshiba is developing new services and products that use speech technology and it is part of Toshiba effort to contribute to a sustainable society by creating new value with reliable technologies.

The advancements in automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis and intelligent dialogue systems, create a unique opportunity to create the next-generation of human-machine interfaces, revolutionizing the modern Artificial Intelligence, developing speech interfaces for facilitating a deep communication between humans and machines for improving productivity and quality of life of humans.

Toshiba are at the forefront of this wave of modern Artificial Intelligence. With more that 50 years of technology innovations in voice, video, language and knowledge, Toshiba has recently created an artificial intelligence platform for business to business applications and services and it is part of the Toshiba Internet of Things architecture, SPINEX. We welcome enquiries from potential users of this system or from companies or organisations interested in a commercial partnership to further develop the technology and its applications.

Toshiba Europe Limited (TEUR) is part of Toshiba’s global R&D activity. The Cambridge Research Laboratory of TEUR conducts research on quantum information technology, as well as speech recognition and dialogue, and on vision.

The Speech Technology Group (STG) is actively researching the application of speech technologies in advanced human-machine interfaces for modern Artificial Intelligence based applications. Therefore, our interest lies not only in exploring new concepts, but also in their practical realization.

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