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Conversational dialogue system paired with semantic knowledge bases to be presented at SIGDial2018

STG conversational dialogue system paired with semantic knowledge bases that connect to linked data supporting complex queries has been accepted to be presented in the forthcoming and highly competitive conference, SIGDial2018 in Australia, July 12–14 2018, Melbourne.

27 April 2018

STG spoken Dialogue system demonstrated at IEEE ICASSP conference

An architecture for an intelligent personal assistant that allows users to explore an information space by conversing with STG spoken Dialogue system has been demonstrated at IEEE ICASSP conference during the Show&Tell sessions in April 2018, Calgary Canada.

15 April 2018

Internships within STG for PhD students

STG invites PhD students with strong background in machine learning, deep learning or signal processing, who are in their second year of higher to apply for internships with us by sending their CV to

31 March 2018

Top performance in CHiME4 ASR challenge was reached in March 2018

Looking forward for the top performance in the new ASR challenge: CHiME5.

31 March 2018
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