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Privacy Policy

Toshiba places great importance on respecting the personal rights of all visitors to its websites and users of online communication services.

Please find below our DATA PROTECTION DECLARATION, informing you of the nature and extent of the personal data collected via these websites and online communication services, as well as the purposes for which this data is processed and used.

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act), the data controller is Toshiba Research Europe Limited.

This policy applies to the websites (our sites):

and pages beneath these. Other websites on the domain are operated by other companies and different policies apply.

Webserver - Protocols

When you visit our website, as is typical on almost all websites, our server automatically collects personal information such as your IP address (including the domain name associated with the IP address, i.e. using reverse look-up), the date and time of your visit to our website, the pages you visited on our website, the browser you are using, etc. It also stores, where available, the country from which you are accessing our website (only the ending is saved, e.g. "de" for Germany since this indicates the country), since this indicates the relevant country), the language of the browser you are using, the website from which you are accessing our website, the search word used (if our site is accessed via a search engine), as well as the type of connection and operating system. We use this information to constantly help improve your website experience.

Personal data you provide

In general, you do not need to provide personalised information to access our websites.

Right of access to personal data and withdrawing consent

You have the right to receive a copy of your stored personal data at any time. In addition, you are entitled to withdraw your consent with future effect at any time. Please use the address provided under "Contacts" to do so.

Protecting the privacy of minors

Our websites and online communication services are not addressed to children and young people under the age of 14. Children and young people under the age of 14 may not transmit any personal data over the Internet without the consent of their parent or guardian. We ensure that we do not knowingly store any personal data relating to minors.


In general our websites do not use cookies for most visitors but certain features may require cookies to be set to preserve information between pages you load and we will ask your consent if you request to use a feature that uses cookies. Cookies are small files, which are stored temporarily on your hard disk or solid state drive etc. (session-based cookies). These cookies exist only until the end of the Internet session. They are used for navigation and increase the user friendliness of a website. You can still use some of our website even if you do not want cookies to be created on your computer. However, please note that some functions may be restricted. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can prevent this by setting your browser to block all cookies. For details, please refer to the instructions provided by your browser manufacturer.

Links to other websites

Our websites contain links to other websites where you can find out more about other Toshiba Corporation products, other group companies or our partners. Please note that this data protection declaration does not apply to such third party websites to which you may be redirected.

On our websites, you may also find links to social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube or others. These third party websites are not operated by Toshiba Corporation. Please refer to the data privacy policies of the particular platform provider. Toshiba has no influence on the processing or usage of your personal data by any third party platform providers and is only responsible for the content that Toshiba itself provides on these third party web pages. You may be required to register on such social media websites in order to fully interact and experience Toshiba Corporation social media websites. Please note that Facebook or other platform providers may already collect personal data (e. g. IP-address) when you follow such links or when your browser connects to the social media website.


Toshiba has implemented technical and organizational security measures to guarantee the security of your personal information. Users' personal information is stored in our secure networks and access is restricted to those employees and partners who are entitled to access our systems. In areas where you enter data, we work with the "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) standard encryption system. Please note that your browser must support encryption protection. You can find this SSL encryption, for example, in Internet Explorer version 3.0 or a higher version and most other browsers. Data is stored in databases that are protected against unauthorized access by security firewalls and software. Whenever your browser displays a closed padlock symbol at the bottom of the screen, or a similar icon/highlighted web address in a different browser, this indicates that your data is being transmitted in an encrypted format. If the SSL certificate is not available for technical reasons, an error page is displayed to ensure that under no circumstances your data is transmitted without encryption.

Data processing in countries outside the European Economic Area

No personal data collected via this website is processed outside the European Economic Area.


Toshiba reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any or all terms of the Data Protection Declaration at any time with or without notice.

Information / Contacts

Contact us at the following address if you:

  • wish to correct, delete or block your personal data,
  • wish to obtain information about the personal data we have stored about you,
  • wish to withdraw your consent, or
  • have other questions relating to data protection at Toshiba Research Europe Limited.

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