The laboratory collaborates openly with leading universities and small companies across Europe. We have forged a very close relationship with leading academic and young researchers at the University of Cambridge and have funded many research students and projects.
Toshiba is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced electronics and information and communications systems. Its origins go back to 1875 and it has a rich and long history of innovation. The Cambridge Research Laboratory is a vital part of Toshiba’s worldwide research and development network it is responsible for a number of significant world-first developments and the results of its research are already finding their way into new Toshiba products.
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Research Groups

Quantum Research

Exploring the ultimate limit of Information Technology

The Quantum Information Group (QIG) is developing a new approach to information technology that applies the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics to network communications and computing.

Embodied AI

Combining physical presence with coopoerative intelligence

Embodied AI is at the forefront of building an ever-improving foundation of automated industrial Artificial Intelligence though Natural Interaction in Physical Space and with Language.

Latest Publications

M. Anderson, T. Müller, J. Huwer, et al.
npj Quantum Information, vol 6, 14 (7 pages), 31 January 2020

M. Li, T.C. Zorila and R. Doddipatla
Accepted to present at IEEE ICASSP 2021, Toronto, Canada / arXiv

B. Serhan, H. Pandya, A. Kucukyilmaz, G. Neumann
International Conference on Robotics and Automation