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Toshiba Europe and Single Quantum partner to provide extended Long-Distance QKD deployment capability

QKD ready for practical deployment over 300km fibre links Cambridge, United Kingdom / Delft, Netherlands, 22nd April 2024: Toshiba Europe Ltd. and Single Quantum B.V. have collaborated to test and…

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Toshiba Europe and Orange demonstrate viability of deploying Quantum Key Distribution with existing networks and services

Toshiba and Orange demonstrate the viability of deploying Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) on existing commercial networks to protect transmissions from quantum computers

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[EXTERNAL] ETSI releases World First Protection Profile for Quantum Key Distribution

ETSI has just released a Protection Profile (PP) for the security evaluation of quantum key distribution (QKD) modules, ETSI GS QKD 016.


Quantum Cryptography: a New Age in Data Security

Today’s security challenges and tomorrow’s security fears are driving the adoption of reliable quantum cryptography solutions and services to enable better data security in a quantum age. Dr Andrew Shields contributes to this December 2018 edition of Scientific Computing World with an article examining the importance of technologies like QKD to the future of data security, and methods for putting quantum cryptography into practice.

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