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Quantum Information

The Quantum Information Group (QIG) is developing a new approach to information technology that applies the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics to network communications and computing.

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Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum cryptography provides a secure means for distributing secret keys between two parties (usually referred to as Alice and Bob) on an optical network. A unique feature of the technique is that the secrecy of the keys is independent of the resources available to a hacker.

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Quantum Devices

Applications in quantum information technology, such as quantum cryptography and quantum computing, require new devices that generate and detect light at the quantum level. Toshiba have developed a generic nanotechnology for single photon generation and detection using semiconductor quantum dots.

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Latest Publications

Intensity modulation as a preemptive measure against blinding of single-photon detectors based on self-differencing cancellation
A. Koehler-Sidki, M. Lucamarini, J. F. Dynes, G. L. Roberts, A. W. Sharpe, Z. L. Yuan and A. J. Shields
Phys. Rev. A, vol 98, no 2, 022327 (6 pages), 22 August 2018 arXiv
Testing the photon-number statistics of a quantum key distribution light source
J. F. Dynes, M. Lucamarini, K. A. Patel, A. W. Sharpe, M. B. Ward, Z. L. Yuan and A. J. Shields
Opt. Express, vol 26, no 18, pp. 22733-22749 (3 September 2018), 21 August 2018 arXiv free
Quantum key distribution using in-line highly birefringent interferometers
A. Martinez, B. Fröhlich, J. F. Dynes, A. W. Sharpe, W. Tam, A. Plews, M. Lucamarini, Z. L. Yuan and A. J. Shields
Appl. Phys. Lett., vol 113, no 3, 031107 (5 pages), 19 July 2018
Implementation Security of Quantum Cryptography: Introduction, challenges, solutions
M. Lucamarini, A. Shields, R. Alléaume, C. Chunnilall, I. P. Degiovanni, M. Gramegna, A. Hasekioglu, B. Huttner, R. Kumar, A. Lord, N. Lütkenhaus, V. Makarov, V. Martin, A. Mink, M. Peev, M. Sasaki, A. Sinclair, T. Spiller, M. Ward, C. White and Z. L. Yuan
ETSI White Paper No. 27 (28 pages), July 2018 ISBN: 979-10-92620-21-4 free
10-Mb/s Quantum Key Distribution
Z. L. Yuan, A. Plews, R. Takahashi, K. Doi, W. Tam, A. W. Sharpe, A. R. Dixon, E. Lavelle, J. F. Dynes, A. Murakami, M. Kujiraoka, M. Lucamarini, Y. Tanizawa, H. Sato and A. J. Shields
J. Lightwave Technol., vol 36, no 16, pp. 3427-3433 (15 August 2018), 1 June 2018 arXiv free

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