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Speech Technology

The Speech Technology Group (STG) is at the heart of modern artificial intelligence by designing novel algorithms for automatic speech recognition and data-based dialogue systems enabling the creation of advanced and natural, speech enabled, human-machine interfaces.

In that context, our target is to create new products and services that facilitate the access of information and the creation of knowledge effectively, for improving productivity and quality of life.

STG has made significant contributions to the next generation of Toshiba’s speech recognition and HMM-based speech synthesis. In addition to core underlying technology, the STG has developed speech technology for the major North American and European languages. We work in collaboration with the speech R&D groups at the Knowledge Media Lab, Toshiba RDC, Kawasaki, Japan and Toshiba China R&D Center, Beijing, China, and business divisions of Toshiba Group, Japan.

Working with groups within Toshiba, we have a tight coupling between our R&D efforts and current and future product development. This enables us to ensure that our research work will be of direct practical benefit. We fund research and have academic collaborations with groups in various UK and European Union Universities and Research Centers. Combining the strengths of our group with these collaborations, we address various research topics for the future.

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Latest Publications

Towards Scalable Information-Seeking Multi-Domain Dialogue
A. Papangelis, M. Kotti and Y. Stylianou
Proc. ICASSP 2018, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April 2018
Information Navigation via Spoken Dialogue and Linked Data
A. Papangelis, P. Papadakos, N. Braunschweiler, Y. Stylianou, Y. Marketakis and Y. Tzitzikas
Proc. ICASSP 2018 (Demo), Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April 2018
Adaptation of an Expressive Single Speaker Deep Neural Network Speech Synthesis System
J. Parker, Y. Stylianou and R. Cipolla
Proc. ICASSP 2018, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April 2018
Speech Processing to Improve the Perception of Speech in Background Noise for Children with Auditory Processing Disorder and Typically Developing Peers
S. Flanagan, T. C. Zorila, Y. Stylianou and B. C. J. Moore
Trends in Hearing vol 22, February 2018 free
Will This Dialogue be Unsuccessful? Prediction Using Audio Features and CNNs
M. Kotti, A. Papangelis and Y. Stylianou
Proc. SCAI Workshop 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 2017 free

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