About Us

Wireless network technology is continually evolving, and BRIL is at the forefront of this progress. The convergence of cellular systems, local/personal area networks, and inter-machine communication will enable new services and possibilities, paving the way for a truly connected global society in the future. BRIL’s research activities are directed toward this envisaged future whilst being firmly rooted in fundamental theory and a deep understanding of communication systems. This knowledge feeds into the development of signal processing algorithms, the rapidly growing field of radio frequency technology and microwave propagation, wireless access techniques, and network protocols targeted at a diverse range of applications, from high-speed cellular and home networks to extremely reliable machine-to-machine communication systems. To this end, BRIL research projects have led to a number of significant achievements. These include the development of key enabling technologies for fourth generation cellular systems, world-leading power-efficient analogue designs, and ground-breaking new theories on complex networks.
As an industrial research lab, we recognise the importance of creating practical solutions to real-world problems. Hence, much of the technology that has been devised at BRIL is not only pioneering in the theoretical sense, but has been shown to be realisable in practice through implementation on state-of-the-art hardware demonstration platforms. This natural relationship between fundamental and applied research continues to place BRIL at the leading edge of wireless network innovation.

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