Quantum Information Group

The Quantum Information Group (QIG) is developing a new approach to information technology that applies the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics to network communications and computing.
Quantum Communications Research

Quantum Communication Research explores disruptive protocols and technologies to securely exchange information between remote parties, which will remain secure even after the advent of the quantum computers that will be capable of breaking classical encryption methods. We use Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to securely share encryption keys utilizing the unique properties of quantum mechanics to alert for the presence of an eavesdropper.

Quantum Devices Research

Applications in quantum information technology, such as quantum cryptography and quantum computing, require new devices that generate and detect light at the quantum level. Toshiba have developed technology for single photon generation and detection using semiconductor structures.

Quantum Technology Business Unit

The Quantum Technology Business Unit builds secure communication products underpinned by quantum physics and rigorously tested in field trials around the world. These commercial quantum secure products are designed to allow seamless integration into today’s network architectures, thus paving the way to straightforward adoption of quantum secured technology by customers.

Latest Publications

S. Donadello, C. Clivati, A. Meda, S. Virzì, M. Genovese, F. Levi, A. Mura, M. Pittaluga, Z. Yuan, A. J. Shields, M. Lucamarini, I. P. Degiovanni, and D. Calonico, Quantum 2.0 Conference and Exhibition, Technical Digest Series (Optica Publishing Group, 2022), paper QTu4C.3. (13-16 June 2022)

Y.S. Lo, R.I. Woodward, T. Roger, V. Lovic, T.K. Paraïso, I. De Marco, Z.L. Yuan, and A.J. Shields, Phys. Rev. Appl. 18, 034087 (2022).

T. K. Paraïso, T. Roger, D.G. Marangon, I. D. Marco, M. Sanzaro, R.I. Woodward, J. F. Dynes, Z. Yuan, A. J. Shields, SPIE 12335, Quantum Technology: Driving Commercialisation of an Enabling Science III, 123350D (11 January 2023).

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