BT and Toshiba install UK’s first quantum-secure industrial network between key UK smart production facilities

The 6km network uses Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to ensure ultra-secure data transmission between the National Composites Centre (NCC) and the Centre for Modelling and Simulation (CFMS) in Bristol
1 October 2020

PRESS RELEASE: UK organisations join pilot project to build the most secure communication infrastructure in Europe

Toshiba Research Europe Ltd (TREL), BT, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the University of Cambridge, today announce that they will join the OPENQKD pilot project to install a test quantum communication infrastructure across Europe.
September 2019

TREL leads secure encryption project

Toshiba Research Europe is leading a secure encryption project to develop low-cost integrated chips using new encryption technologies to enable more secure transmission of data, as announced by Innovate UK, UK Research and Innovation and the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.
22 November 2018

Fourth position in CHiME-5 Speech Separation and Recognition Challenge

Toshiba ASR system submitted to the CHiME-5 Challenge has reached the fourth position in the single device track.
7 September 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Toshiba Redefines the Limit of Intercity Secure Communications

Twin-Field QKD allows secure quantum key distribution over 500 km of optical fibre.
2 May 2018

Conversational dialogue system paired with semantic knowledge bases to be presented at SIGDial2018

STG conversational dialogue system paired with semantic knowledge bases that connect to linked data supporting complex queries has been accepted to be presented in the forthcoming and highly competitive conference, SIGDial2018 in Australia, July 12–14 2018, Melbourne.
27 April 2018

STG spoken Dialogue system demonstrated at IEEE ICASSP conference

An architecture for an intelligent personal assistant that allows users to explore an information space by conversing with STG spoken Dialogue system has been demonstrated at IEEE ICASSP conference during the Show&Tell sessions in April 2018, Calgary Canada.
15 April 2018

A quantum light emitting diode for the standard telecom wavelength around 1550 nm

TREL shows in Nature Communications that quantum dot devices based on indium phosphide are capable of electrically injected single photon and entangled photon pair emission around 1550 nm. Entanglement fidelity of 87 ± 4% is sufficient for the application of one-way error correction protocols and the emission at 1550 nm can be directly integrated with existing long distance quantum communication and cryptography systems.
28 February 2018

Experimental measurement device independent quantum digital signatures

Proof-of-principle demonstration of quantum digital signatures (QDS) mediated by measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD). Published today in Nature Communications TREL has devised an efficient protocol to distil multiple signatures from the same block of data, thus reducing the statistical fluctuations in the sample and greatly enhancing the final QDS rate in the finite-size scenario.
23 October 2017

BT and Toshiba Launch UK’s First Quantum Security Showcase

BT and Toshiba today opened the UK’s first secure quantum communication showcase at BT’s research and development centre in Ipswich.
13 October 2016

Ultra-high bandwidth quantum secured data transmission

Scientific Reports paper demonstrates a full quantum encryption system operating with a bandwidth of 200 Gb/s over 100 km of fibre and shows quantum encryption of 10 Tb/s is feasible for a 50 km fibre.
13 October 2016

Directly phase-modulated light source

Compact semiconductor-laser system that can be directly phase modulated reported by Toshiba in Physical Review X.
20 September 2016

A semiconductor photon sorter

Toshiba reports in Nature Nanotechnology a device that can send the photons in weak laser light in different directions based on their number.
18 July 2016

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M. Anderson, T. Müller, J. Huwer, et al.
npj Quantum Information, vol 6, 14 (7 pages), 31 January 2020

M. Li, T.C. Zorila and R. Doddipatla
Accepted to present at IEEE ICASSP 2021, Toronto, Canada / arXiv

B. Serhan, H. Pandya, A. Kucukyilmaz, G. Neumann
International Conference on Robotics and Automation