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Preparing for a quantum future


We’re at the cutting-edge of innovation in quantum technology. Since 1999, we’ve achieved a series of world firsts in QKD development and deployment, harnessing quantum physics to future-proof network communications infrastructures.

Toshiba’s Quantum Technology division is dedicated to providing provably secure quantum solutions that can be easily integrated into today’s networks. Our pioneering QKD solutions are deployable today, supported by two decades of quantum research unparalleled by competitors.

Securing the quantum age

Quantum computers are capable of incredibly complex computations. A large-scale quantum computer can do in minutes what would take a classical supercomputer thousands of years.

These devices are close to becoming a commercial reality, set to transform industries such as artificial intelligence and medicine development. But increased accessibility brings with it significant risk to data security.

That’s because quantum computers are adept at cracking the public key encryption algorithms that protect the majority of the world’s communications. It could take quantum computers mere minutes to decrypt even the most carefully safeguarded data – medical records, financial information, private messages and much more besides.

At Toshiba, we’re committed to creating technology that protects the private information of citizens and companies. As part of this commitment, we have developed unique quantum-safe solutions that can prevent the decryption of data, even by quantum computers.

Our Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems use the properties of quantum physics to create a quantum-safe, highly resilient solution for secure network communications.

What is QKD?

The future of cryptography. Quantum Key Distribution is a method of distributing quantum-safe encryption keys between parties. Rather than mathematics, it uses the quantum properties of light to generate secure random keys for encrypting and decrypting data, ensuring QKD-protected transmissions can never be intercepted or decrypted by adversaries. This approach makes QKD provably secure, even against attacks that utilise quantum computers.


Two decades of research, and unparalleled expertise

We’ve been at the cutting edge of quantum cryptography since 1999.

Backed by experts, Toshiba’s unique QKD systems provide exceptional performance, capable of transmitting QKD signals across greater distances and with higher secure key rates than our competitors. We’re responsible for a series of world firsts in QKD development and deployment and we continue to push the boundaries of quantum communication technologies.

Our people

A photo of Andrew Shields

Dr Andrew Shields, Head of Toshiba Quantum Technology Division

With a doctorate from Imperial College London and over 500 papers and patents in the field of quantum devices and systems, Dr Andrew Shields is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, has been awarded IoP Silver and Gold medals, and is recognised as a world-leading expert in the field of quantum communications.

A photo of Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson, QKD Business Development Manager

An IT, communications and technology sales specialist, Lee Johnson specialises in business solutions for the enterprise, service provider and public sectors. He has experience sourcing a wide range of telecoms and quantum technology solutions, including significant networks across EMEA.

A photo of Luma Musa

Luma Musa, Key Account Manager

Luma Musa is a sales and marketing professional in telecommunications, wireless and technology markets. Her experience in engineering and product design means she is especially well-placed to consult with customers on new technology and products.

A photo of Andy Grant

Andy Grant, Head of QKD Support Services

As Head of QKD Support Services, Andy Grant is responsible for securely establishing, maintaining, and troubleshooting the deployment of QKD networks. He works with customers to ensure their ultra-secure networks operate at optimum efficiency.

Our heritage

Quantum beginnings

In 1999, we started research into quantum cryptography at the Cambridge Research Laboratory of Toshiba Research Europe Limited. In 2003, we were the first to announce quantum key distribution over 100 km of fibre. By 2008, we had collaborated in the first QKD network in Europe as a core partner of the EU funded SECOQC project in Vienna.

Since then, we’ve continued to advance our technology - increasing the range and secure key rates of our systems, and developing a QKD solution that can be easily deployed on existing in-use fibres. We are consistently breaking our own records and those of the broader industry.

Toshiba QKD today

We have QKD systems suitable for a range of communication networks. Our latest innovation is a multiplexing QKD system (MU), which enables a quantum key signal to be overlaid on to existing data-carrying fibre without affecting the performance of the network. It’s easy to install, requires no additional infrastructure and delivers market-leading range and secure key rates.

Discover our solutions

Quantum cryptography in action

Our Toshiba QKD systems have been demonstrated and deployed successfully around the world.

Working with JP Morgan Chase in Colombus (Ohio), we demonstrated that QKD can be used to secure blockchain communications. In Graz (Austria), we demonstrated protection of medical data in transit and rest in a trial with Austria Institute of Technology as part of the OpenQKD project.

In partnership with BT in 2021, we successfully implemented quantum security of smart manufacturing data shared between the National Composite Centre and the Centre for Modelling and Simulation. The deployment allows industrial organisations to securely transmit corporate IPR and other sensitive information between the facilities, instead of having to rely on transportation via physical portable storage devices.

We launched London’s first Secure Metro Network with BT in 2022. This award-winning quantum trial connected sites in London’s Docklands, the City and the M4 Corridor for end-user EY. A complex network with multiple endpoints, it’s paved the way for commercial QKD services in the UK and beyond.

Watch the full video exploring London’s quantum-secured Metro Network:

What’s next?

There’s some industry debate concerning when quantum computing will become available. But whether it’s two, five, or ten years from now, there’s work to be done to ensure the continued security of our data.

As the field of quantum technology continues to evolve, we are always expanding and developing our areas of research and innovation. We’re working on ways to implement QKD via satellites, which would make QKD networks more scalable while increasing security and reducing cost. Meanwhile, the drive for large-scale deployment will create a need for chip-based QKD devices that enable greater accessibility and enhanced functionality. We are also working on projects such as Twin Field QKD, which will significantly increase the transmission range without the need for quantum repeaters.

And, inspired by quantum technology, we’ve also launched a Simulated Bifurcation Machine (SQBM+) solution - an innovative quantum-inspired algorithm and corresponding computer solution for solving complex problems and making optimal decisions in short time spans.

At Toshiba, we put innovation first. Our extensive historical and ongoing R&D activities ensure we are ready to deliver quantum-secure solutions suitable for a global, mass market. And our provably secure quantum solutions can protect communications networks today, tomorrow and into the future, regardless of advancements in quantum computing.

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