Quantum Key Management System


Deploy quantum-secure networks with ease

Cryptographic Key Management Systems (KMSs) are the foundation of most online data security - responsible for routing and delivering the cryptographic keys that secure encrypted data transmissions. The quantum age brings with it the need for a more robust method of key transmission, safe from eavesdropping attacks and working in tandem with QKD networks.

Compatible with QKD systems from multiple vendors, Toshiba's Quantum KMS (Q-KMS) can manage secure key distribution throughout QKD networks. It offers a highly flexible approach to building quantum-secure networks (QSNs), enabling network operators to easily manage and add QKD functionality to their secure communication applications.

The Toshiba Q-KMS is the simple route to robust quantum security.


Secure key routing mechanism allows the distribution of quantum keys between any two networked QKD systems / trusted nodes
Simple integration into your network with REST-based key delivery API, compliant with ETSI GS QKD 014 industry standards
Future-proof, designed to work securely alongside QKD systems delivering secure key rates exceeding 10 Mbps


Easy, flexible

The Toshiba Q-KMS abstracts the key delivery layer from the physical layer, resulting in a logical key delivery overlay system. This provides flexibility and, on suitably deployed networks, enables features such as key re-routing.

A diagram illustrating QKD network operation

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Toshiba Q-KMS Quantum Key Management System Datasheet (PDF, 1 MB)

Latest product features and specifications for the Toshiba Q-KMS Quantum Key Management System

[EXTERNAL] A Quantum Light-Emitting Diode for the Standard Telecom Window Around 1,550 nm (Nature)


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