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Toshiba’s Journey from Research to Commercialisation of Quantum Technologies

Toshiba has been committed to the development of quantum technology for over 30 years, consistently breaking new ground within the industry. Over the past few years, Toshiba has shifted from…

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Toshiba Digital Solutions and SoftBank Corp.
Successfully Complete Field Experiment of IPsec QKD-VPN

Companies collaborate to realize Quantum Secure Network for the Beyond 5G/6G era September 20, 2023Toshiba Digital Solutions CorporationSoftBank Corp. Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation (“Toshiba Digital Solutions”) and SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”)…

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Toshiba announces strategic investment in quantum technology with opening of cutting-edge commercial hub with product development and manufacturing facility in the UK

The new facility, located in the Cambridge Science Park, is a commercial offshoot from the Toshiba Cambridge Research Laboratory and represents a £20 million investment from Toshiba into the development of quantum-secure networking solutions

Case study

London Quantum-Secured Metro Network (PDF, 480KB)

This paper covers a commercially-ready QKD metro network built in London, complete with customer access tails and an aggregated central metro node, able to support multiple customers. The solution includes a full Key Management System; encrypted classical Ethernet data on the same fibre and a Data Communications Network (DCN) for full remote monitoring at BT’s Network Operations Centre (NOC).

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Toshiba Europe and Orange demonstrate viability of deploying Quantum Key Distribution with existing networks and services

Toshiba and Orange demonstrate the viability of deploying Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) on existing commercial networks to protect transmissions from quantum computers


[EXTERNAL] Paving the way toward 800 Gbps quantum-secured optical channel deployment in mission-critical environments

This article describes experimental research studies conducted toward understanding the implementation aspects of high-capacity quantum-secured optical channels in mission-critical metro-scale operational environments using quantum key distribution (QKD) technology.


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